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Cute Animal Tin Pencil Organizer Wrappers

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DIY projects are my favorite! You can create a cute project using a piece from your recycle bin and transform it into something useful and cool. To do this project you will need: 3 empty tin cans, some paper and glue. cans this week. I am pretty sure having these at home your kids will love to put the pencils in its place, your house will look more organized and you will be happy! Make sure the tin cans don’t have any sharp edges before leaving this to your kids.

This is really easy and Inexpensive to make:

  • Download the printable
  • Print them in some card-stock
  • Cut
  • Glue the wrapper around the tin can or add some tape at the end.

Enjoy and share with your friends! This is for personal use only. As always, please NOTE: This printable is free for PERSONAL USE only. Commercial use is strictly prohibited. Do not offer this printable file for download on other sites (always direct visitors back here so they can download it themselves). By downloading this, you agree not to use these for monetary gain.


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