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I love to have a brand new year in front of me! I BELIEVE this year will be the best YEAR ever ! I know what i have to do, what I want to accomplish and how I will do it. It is an awesome feeling, not very often I have that sense of certainty and confidence about my own life and I just love it !!! 365 days to accomplish all  my goals, seems a long time but it is not, but knowing I have the same amount of time that everybody else make me feel a little relief. This year I want to work on my timing, my planning and my focus. knowing where you want to go is a good start… however it is better if you know a good path that conduce you to your destination without distractions or unnecessary steps.

Every organizing junkie needs a good TO-DO LIST / AGENDA / ACTION PLAN. I was using every single paper available in my studio, So this year I created my own daily planner and I’d like to share it with you, in case you’re just as persnickety with your daily planning…

Free Printable Today's agenda


Thank you for reading my Blog, I always to share the best of my work and my believed DIY projects.

I would love to hear from you, what’s your biggest goal for this year ??? please leave a comment below this post 🙂


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