5 most common mistakes in managing a blog

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Having a blog for a small business is a smart way to connect with customers, people who have the same interests and to show your work. Most of the arts and crafts small businesses that I know have started with a “Hobby Blog” and then it turned into a business. But having a blog is not enough to get all the “traffic” or visitors that we deserved or want to have.  To have a successful blog you need take care of it. Providing the correct first impression can get you a current reader, a fan, a friend or a possible buyer.

These are the 5 most common mistakes in managing a blog:

1. Connectivity: If you have it … Use It

Social networks are  the most powerful tool to advertise your website, blog or your Etsy Store. Connectivity is the big problem for most of the blogs that I currently visit. Bloggers forget to put links to their SOCIAL MEDIA profiles making the readers “guess” about them.

When I visit a blog or an Etsy store that I like, the first thing that I am looking for are the links to other sites where I find profiles to get involved or to get connected with this person.
It is really funny, sometimes I have found blogs that link to their Etsy store, then I go to the Etsy store and I have found their facebook link there, Then I go to their Facebook profile and I found out they have a Flickr account. why don’t they put all the links in the same place? By putting all the links in the same place, you give people the option to Add you, make friend or follow you through other sites.

2. Isolation: You are not alone!

You are not the only one who owns a blog, you are not the only one who enjoy drawing, painting or making crafts. There are millions of people doing the same things you do. The point is to get connections and participate in the community using the tools available to participate.

3. Bad Design: Everything is Visual, Make it nice

Having a blog with a bad design is like having a course. Remember you only have 2 seconds to catch your reader’s attention. First impressions are everything now!! I believe in all kinds of beauty but in blogs you have to put a little bit of taste, common sense and effort.

  1. Do not crowd your backgrounds
  2. Make it Organized
  3. Use a clear to read font (Even though is not your favorite), if your font is difficult to read people will get tired to read really soon and they won’t read anything else.
  4. Do not make too long paragraphs
  5. Do not put too loud or strong background Music. I love Lady Gaga but I think is not a good choice for background Music. Music is not really good for blogs, and if you still decide to do it , please give the reader the option to turn it off.
  6. Do not use multiple font colors. Use max. 2 colors in the same post. Colors are fine but sometimes font color makes the text difficult to read.
  7. A good banner could be the big difference in a blog, because as I write before, you only have 2 seconds to catch your reader’s attention. Use it well!!! A good banner includes a good image, the title of your blog, and a small description. Do not make it too crowded or dark. Use colors that match with your background. Make the title visible and readable.

4.  About me description: Don’t be anonymous

People who visit your blog want to know about your business or your blog in 2 seconds. Make it visible, accessible, short and strong. Tell them who you are, what you do, where you are!

5. Have Good Pictures: Pictures are more important than words

Nowadays people do not take time to read. Good pictures make your blog attractive, enjoyable, accessible, and easy to read.. a good picture leads people to stay in your blog more time and discover all the nice things that you have!

  1. Take good pictures of your products.
  2. Use clear background colors
  3. Use natural light, do not use camera flash !

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  1. angelshair

    Wow these are great tips Maria!! Thank you for all the helpful advices you gave me for blogging and social networking!

  2. HopesArtCreations

    Good advice Maria!Thanks for posting a link to my blog when you put a pic of my kimono kids doll in your own blog.Yesterday I finally updated it(it’s been many months since I added anything new).I will try to post more often,even if it’s just a couple sentences:o)

  3. Rebecca

    Thanks for the tips Maria! You definitely have a natural ability when it comes to networking as well as your artistic talents of course!!

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