Printable Weekly Task Planner

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I created this Printable Weekly Task Planner for your routine tasks, You can download and print to create your morning, afternoon and evening routine. I laminated mine and I used a magnet to secure it to my fridge. Who said being organized has to be boring?




Enjoy and share with your friends! This is for personal use only. As always, please NOTE: This printable is free for PERSONAL USE only. Commercial use is strictly prohibited. Do not offer this printable file for download on other sites (always direct visitors back here so they can download it themselves). By downloading this, you agree not to use these for monetary gain.


What’s Going On!

I have been packing some of these sewing kits for Christmas, Yes I know what you think, it is too soon! But when you are a small business owner like me, you have to work hard to be ready for the big season. I only have 2 little hands and remember I am petite so everything take longer 🙂

My friend Carolina and her now husband Anson got married last week in Tampa and I designed these personalized coloring books for them. aren’t these adorable? The kids love them and they stay coloring when we need it to! It was wonderful .


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