It is not easy! My biggest marketing struggle

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It is nor easy! Everybody out there on the business world keep saying “Just do it”, do this, do that, and don’t forget that. There is so much noise, techniques, tips, information and ideas to follow that sometimes I just get exhausted. I feel the pressure of following everything at the same time. I feel I am being pulled in so many directions that is possible I am not even moving.  My biggest marketing struggle is to follow a plan, to have a story to tell and not just publishing random stuff about my business or my creative world. It is hard to communicate the message I want to communicate being inside this gigantic bubble that is the Internet and still being heird. 


Maybe I am suffering from selection paralysis, that feeling of having so many options and deciding not to choose one. I miss the days I was just feeling excited just creating a single image for my blog, now in the daily basis I am creating so much content that I wondering if the people who follow me feel I am all over the place, but like me , they feel I am nowhere.

It is not easy! My biggest marketing struggle by Mariapalito


I am still figuring out if sticking to my plan can make any difference. Yes I have a plan, it is not perfect, and I am still deciding if it is a good one. I am reducing the noise as much as i can, and just keeping up with the people I really believe in, with the techniques that make sense to me and just with what works for me.


Keeping truthful and sincere with my own expectations just make sense. I am learning since day zero , 8 years ago when I made a plan for the life I wanted for me and my husband. So far I have accomplished everything I wanted in life and for my business. It is nor easy, it is still hard but it is fun and it is worthed.


Be unpredictable, be real, be interesting. Tell a good story.



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