5 Fall DIY Projects You Should Try This Year

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5 Fall DIY Projects You Should Try This Year

Fall is my favorite season!  I love when the temperature cool down a little.  I especially love all the fun Fall decor and the colors! Decorating your house for every season can take quite a toll on your budget, here is a list of 5  DIY Fall crafts you should  make at home this season!

1. How to Make Paper Pumpkins for Fall

These little pumpkins are so much fun to make. It’s a fun Fall craft you can do with your kids or a great adult craft to spruce up your mantel or table decor. You can try it with different colored papers in different patterns as well. Here’s my step by step tutorial for how to make paper pumpkins for fall.


2. Paper  Hanging Bats:

Made from black craft foam and fishing line so they’ll withstand even the wettest of weather! Hang several of them in a tree for a spooky little bat colony in your front or back yard. It’s simple enough that the kids can do most of the project themselves.


3. Owl Wreath:

Shut the front door!! But seriously do, so everyone can see this adorable wreath hanging on it.


4.  Felt Pumpkin Craft

Pumpkins are a great fall craft because you can put them out at Halloween, and leave them through Thanksgiving.


5.  DIY Cinnamon Scented Pine Cones

Every season brings smells that awaken memories, the smell of freshly cut grass in the spring, the coconut scent of tanning lotion in the summer, for me,  Fall smells of cinnamon pine cones and a wood-burning fireplace .



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