What’s for Dinner? Free Printable Weekly Menu Planner

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Whats for dinner? That’s the worst question your husband or your kids can ask after you just finished a terrible day and you just need to sit for 1 minute. By that time everyone is tired and hungry and no one wants to answer that question. The solution usually is fast food, not a good choice for you or your family. Planning your meals in advance can save you a ton of money, time and nightmares. Planning a weekly menu before going to the grocery store can help you be prepared with everything you need specially those days when you don’t want to cook.


If you have a plan you just have to follow it and everything will be so much easier. I created this cute Printable weekly menu for you this week, Just download and print in a full page card-stock. You can laminate it and use a dry marker in case you change your mind or you want to rotate the meals during the week.  Enjoy!



Use #mariapalitodesign if you want to share what you do with your weekly planner! Time for me to go and plan my meals this week! Have a wonderful day 🙂


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