Painting a Mermaid with Watercolors

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Painting and Drawing with markers is one of my passions. I am spending more time lately in my drawing table than in my sewing table. Yes, I have a dedicated old desk for my drawing, It is better for me to keep everything ready for my crafts instead of just picking up everything after I finish. I am discovering watercolors and I love them! I have so much fun with them. I love how quick it dries and the soft colors I can get. I use them to create my clip-art sets and I love it. Here is a quick video painting this Mermaid Digistamp. 


1. Print the Mermaid Digistamp

2. Cut around the edge

3. Paint with Watercolors

4. Use the mermaid to make a card or a craft project

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I am not the kind of person who like to start a hobby buying expensive tools and supplies. At least I know if I drop the hobby I did not spent a lot of money in the process. So if you want to start drawing at home for fun, don’t go overboard spending hundred of dollars in expensive materials if you are not sure if you like it. Here is a quick video of How to draw cute dolls using sharpie Markers. Please subscribe to my channel if you like my work and you want to see more of my videos.


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