How to Doodle a Doll – Timelapse Video

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How to Doodle a Doll

IHow to Doodle a Doll by MariaPalito have been drawing dolls my whole life. Yes cute ones! I am obsessed with little cute creatures and I can not stop drawing them. Lately I have been sharing more about my drawing in my Instagram. I have shared more of my creative process and the behind the scenes of my doll creation and many people has started noticing my work.  I love the response from my followers. I made this cute and quick video of my doodling. This time I made a cute little princess doll.


Tips to Learn How to Doodle a Doll


Drawing is a craft that needs intuition and lots of practice, here some tips

  • Draw with a Pencil First:

Use pencil to start your drawing. Have an eraser on hand. It is OK to make mistakes , It is OK to enjoy the process.

  • Draw round shapes

Start with round, bold shapes. Make circles and a lot of curves

  • Keep the proportions

Try to keep proportion at least at the beginning. The head should be 1/3 of the size of the body

  • Add cute details

Details , Details , Details… Cute dolls need details like polka dots or crowns or hearts 🙂

  • Practice

Any craft require lots of practice. Draw , draw and draw. That’s the best advice I can give you. It took me years to find my own style and I am still learning about new techniques and styles.
How to Doodle a Doll by MariaPalito

More Ideas of How to Doodle a Doll

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What do you like to draw?

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