How Mayi Carles is tenting me to love cooking {again} and to eat everything in her book in one day!

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Well I can’t help it, Mayi Carles in her idea to conquer the world is teasing me to try and eat every single recipe in her new book “Life is Messy Kitchen” and I am not a easy girl, ask my husband about it.

I am not worry because according to my private detective, everything in the book will be healthy, and the cherry in the pie is that she is from panama and I am from Colombia so I believe her cooking style will have that “latino” twist.

What make me excited about her project is that she is not a professional cook and she is doing everything from her gigantic Panamanian t-rex heart. I can’t wait to see her book I am sure it will be adorable. I was able to visit (broke into) her safety box and borrow some pictures of her project just for your eyes. Please don’t tell her!!

Mayicarles kitchen cooking book Mayicarles kitchen cooking book Mayicarles kitchen cooking book


Life is Messy Kitchen launches in 24 hours!!! – @mayicarles

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