Getting out of my Comfort zone!

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MariaPalito is a 2013 American Made Audience Choice Award NomineeAfter submitting my Martha Stewart nomination to the american made award, I was so afraid of sharing the Video, i got so many sweet and encouraging messages from my family, from friends and fans that it was almost my second of fame.. I feel great about myself and about the hard work i put in this amazing process. I just realized that people really appreciate my work..MariaPalito is a  2013 American Made Nominee

 I am human. I have that little voice in my mind , yes that one that always have doubts about everything i do sometimes ( when i actually let it do it) . I just stopped sharing certain things with my family and friends because i felt afraid of their feedback.

This is actually the first time i put myself out there for people to link a face and a real person behind my brand… I am really shy and i feel more comfortable just doing what i love to do in my studio.. Shooting the video was definitively out of my comfort zone… I was afraid of so many things including the criticism from my beloved ones…

 I am so trilled to feel that amazing wave of love from my friends and family. Also it make me realized that i am actually more comfortable about myself that i ever though. I could see myself taking about what i am passionate about and to remember why i choose this path.

Have you ever got afraid of putting yourself out out there?

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