Cutting and Packing some felt !!

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My table is full of felt this afternoon, Packing and leaving it ready for shipping. !

Cutting felt is almost therapeutic , I love the colorful rainbow in my table , so pretty. This eco-friendly felt is my favorite, I use it for all my toys and the colors are really bright and the felt is a great quality. I am cutting 8.5 x 12 sheets and 6 x 6 sheets.

Cutting and Packing some felt !! by Mariapalito
Violet Rag Doll - Eco-friendly Softie Rag Doll Toy A610
Baby Penguin Plush, adorable Fleece / felt baby plush, eco friendly children toy A652
6 Felt Sheets Ecofriendly Felt -  8.5 x 12 sheets - PICK two COLORS A603 12 Felt Sheets Ecofriendly Felt - 12 color selection 8.5 x 12 sheets A605 10 Felt Sheets Ecofriendly Felt - 6 x 6 sheets - PICK two colors A602 20 Felt Sheets Ecofriendly Felt - 10 color selection 6 x 6 sheets A604

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