EASTER COLLECTION 2013 by MariaPalito – Launch Party !!!

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I am having a Party and a big happy dance {for me}. This year I decided to create an Easter Collection, This is the first time that I worked on a full collection and I am so excited to see the process worked and it is just amazing !! I love it. It is hard for me since I have so many ideas {usually at the same time} to follow the steps that I planned to get done {awesome}. This is the video that I created to launch the collection. I may add some more items around it but the spirit and the feeling of the collection is there. The color palette that I used is Light yellow, light purple, aqua, lime green, and pink.

I adventured this time to shoot the collection and I created a 2 minute video for you. I shoot it, edit it and everything in between, so please be gentile. ­čśŤ Bring some pop corn and enjoy the video. There is a bonus section on the video where you can see the behind the scenes of the photo-shoot setting. Enjoy  !

I am so passionate about what I do that I feel that putting some love in each detail and each stitch make all the difference!

EASTER COLLECTION 2013 by MariaPalito - Launch Party !!!

 Even though the center of the collection are the felt Handmade Toys, I also Created some extra items to complete the collection, for my die cut / scrapbooking lovers !!


What’s your favorite toy??? I would love to hear from you. The best always happens on the comments !!

EASTER COLLECTION 2013 by MariaPalito - Launch Party !!!

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