Walking backwards: a good way to go out of your comfort zone.

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Once I saw on a TV show people working out in a treadmill walking backwards SO  I went to the gym this week I though … let’s give a try…. It is just toooo hard, it seems so easy but in fact is terribly hard. My mind was telling me:  well you can run and walk easily at 3.0 miles for hour … why do you look and feel so stupid walking backwards at 1.0 mile for hour??? It was a great experiment, that day I learned the value of what I am doing right now and the importance of once in a while just shift the way we know life and just re-learn / learn for the first time to walk in any other direction…

adorable eco-friendly felt turtle !! isn't it so cute??  by MariaPalito
adorable eco-friendly felt turtle !! isn’t it so cute??  by MariaPalito

have you ever try to walk backwards ??

Have you ever try to do the easy stuff in a different way ?

are you able to change your path when things are not going right??

Happy Crafting!!! Until Next Time 🙂


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