Under a Ninja Spy attack…My Easter collection was revealed

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Easter collection by MariaPalito

I was secretly working on my new Easter collection this week – for sure under the highest security systems,  when I spotted a quick ninja spy in my studio !!!  suddenly the alarm rang but it was too late, it was gone… any information to find it any information would be greatly appreciated.

The collection was inspired on some suggestions that I received from my fans at my Facebook page, Thank you guys for your amazing feedback. The new collection includes cute bunnies, ducklings, chicks and lambs… I am still working on the details but since I had an unexpected visitor in my studio, I couldn’t wait longer to share it with you. more details of the process of this amazing collection soon…

I would love to hear from you ….

Name any other animal ASSOCIATED with Easter besides the bunny?

Please comment, the best always happens on the comments!

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