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Yesterday I took the day off from my regular schedule to give some extra-love to my website. I cleaned it ,  re-organized it and  also I included some new items 🙂 I am so excited with the result  It is amazing how nice it looks now and how much it has changed over the last 4 years. I am so proud of it, my website it is like a little child for me because I designed it from scratch. I remember I told my husband “I want to have my own website” and he told me : you have 2 options, pay for it thousands of dollars {that we didn’t have} or learn how to do it yourself. well I took the long and painful road but I ended up being really good at what I do so It was a good choice at the time 🙂

I was reviewing the changes that MariaPalito has had over the last 5 years and this is what I found.

Eco-friendly Handmade Party Design


Eco-friendly Handmade Party Design


Eco-friendly Handmade Party Design


Eco-friendly Handmade Party Design

In this version the colors are more off and the doll disappear 🙁


Eco-friendly Handmade Party Design

THE NEW ONE : 2013 … More Vibrant Colors and she  is back !!! 🙂

The website looks awesome, it has new sections and new items ! I would love to have you in my website. Visit

what version of the banner do you like the most??? let me know in the comments!

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