too much in your plate?

Too much in your plate?

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too much in your plate?
do you have too much in your plate?

Even the most organized person in the world can once in a while have too much in his/her plate. A couple weeks ago my mind was exploiting, I didn’t know what to do first, I was drowning between my to-do, my must-do and my want-to-do lists. The problem was – as always – I had too much in my plate.

So I designed this simple exercise:

1. Draw a big circle in a piece of paper… That is your plate.

2. Write down all the tasks that you are getting worried about or that you have to do until you fill your plate completely.

3. Cross down the irrelevant tasks or the big projects you cannot accomplish in the next two days, you will take care of those later.

4. Leave just the tasks you really need to finish.

5. Assign numbers to the tasks from 1 the most important task going down to the last. Start working on the tasks, the goal is to finish as many tasks as you can.

This simple technique will help you to prioritize your tasks and understand how many of your tasks are just irrelevant. Have fun emptying your plate and getting everything done in a more effective way. Do you have too much in your plate? What techniques do you use to empty your plate? Leave me a comment; I would love to hear from you.


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