Benefits of Arts and Crafts

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Creativity is a drug I cannot live without. – Cecil B. DeMille

We may call this era the “DIY era.” there are so many ways to explore your creativity and literally change your life from the moment you commit to create something new using your own hands. There is nothing more rewarding than finishing a craft project!!! Crafts also are consider a great way to improve your mood, your lifestyle, your relationships and they are the best therapy ever! I fired my therapist the day I started making crafts in my free time! lol 🙂 I regained my love for crafts and I started seeking for a more creative way to live my life and it totally worked.

Here are five reasons people should get involved in more crafty activities every day:

1. Any form of creativity is a healthy and relaxing outlet. Crafts are a great way to keep you occupied, you can forget about your daily routine, your problems… Everything!

2. Creativity engages a large number of mental processes, such as problem solving, idea generation, and comprehension. Making something from scratch also comes with considerable personal rewards and a sense of accomplishment.

4. Help develop patience and persistence.

5. Help develop practical skills with the use of tools and techniques.

These days I am making a banner for one of my friends. Her daughter’s 2nd birthday is next week and I am so excited to be part of this big celebration.

Making a Cardstock Banner
Making a Cardstock Banner

Are you having fun making any crafts these days??? what are you making??? I would love to hear from you, please leave me a comment under this post. If you have a blog please leave the URL so I can visit your blog.

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