There is a Winner of the first week Giveaway !!!! You can be a winner too :P

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Congratulations to Maria Levy !!! she is an awesome fan from Mariapalito and she deserved this super cute felt owl !! Thank you Maria for being such a good fan and for commenting in the Giveaway.

You can be a winner too, it is soo easy to win that is a crime not to participate. Just visit leave a comment under this post answering the question for this week ” what’s your favorite item from Mariapalito? ” , Join me in facebook¬† and share this post about the giveaway with your friends in any social media site, letting me know where you posted in an additional comment.

Week 2: Custom “Happy Birthday” banner or “Name” Banner (max 8 letters name) , you can choose the colors and the theme for your banner. (May 2nd to May 8th at 1pm CST.)

more about the giveaway click here

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