Top 10 reasons why you should buy and give Handmade products

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People are getting tired of big stores full of mass production items so they are coming back to local, quality items. There are so many reasons to buy handmade; There are some really popular marketplaces like Etsy and Artfire just for Handmade items where you can find great pieces!
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Here are the Top 10 reasons why you should buy and give Handmade products:


1. Uniqueness: : when you buy handmade products you are buying unique items, you are giving something unique that you can  not find anywhere else; many times you are buying one of a kind items.

2. Higher Quality: Artists and artisans put a lot of love and effort to make their items special and with the highest quality.

3. Eco-friendly : Most of the artists and artisans use eco-friendly  or recycled items, caring for the environment and cleaning our carbon footprint.


According to ” The accumulating environmental effects of mass production are a major cause of global warming and the poisoning of our air, water and soil. Every item you make or purchase from a small-scale independent artist or crafter strikes a small blow to the forces of mass production.”

4. Support Artisans:You are helping someone to carry on being able to do something they love and supporting local economies and local people; local artisans buy from local stores who help sustain and maintain the infrastructure from the places we live on.


5. Friendly and personal Customer Service: You will never find better customer service than from the person so created the item you are buying; local artists are not looking for increasing the margins or ramping production, they are just looking for a way to promote what they love and get some money in return to keep doing what they are good at. Moreover, customizations, special requests and many other attributes can be requested on the spot while supporting local economies

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6. Variety: You can find almost anything in a Handmade item Marketplace. There are items available for every taste and budget; just take a peek at your local flee market and see how many local artist are displaying their pieces.

7. Make a statement against Mass production: I love knowing that an actual person crafted something special just for me and not an underpaid, overwork person in a third world country where the labor rules, human rights and basic rights are being violated and exploited for the sake of the profits.


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8. Discover a Story behind each product: each item has a store behind, I just love to hear and know how a product was created and how I am giving something special.

9.  Customization: You can customize your items and decide size, color and shapes  or anything you want.

10.  Promoting Creativity and Originality: when you buy handmade you are promoting the creativity of the artisan who want to make more an original items to continue this movement.

3 Large Purple wild flowers in full bloom - Limited edition.For Hair, Sash Dress Clutch Pillows Lampshades Basket handwoven plaited purple unique

I buy  and make handmade!!! I look for handmade items when I need the “perfect” gift for someone special. I feel I can find something unique that will match their personality much better if I find a one-of-a-kind item instead of something mass produced in stores.

Buy handmade and you support a true artist. I buy handmade because someone else is using his/her talent to create gifts and decor that I cannot make by myself.

Pictures: Treasure lover team in Etsy : SewDanish , charmeddesign1012, priya123 , petitehermine, efratjewelry , Mariapalito , Lbtoyos , SigalitAlcalai

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